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Site updated 05-OCT-2015
Scout Neckerchiefs Now Approved for Wear with Nonuniform Clothing

Bryan on Scouting reports that neckerchiefs may now be worn without uniforms during Scouting activities.

According to the Guide to Awards and Insignia, 2015 ed. (p. 12): "When engaged in Scouting activities, members may wear the neckerchief with appropriate nonuniform clothing to identify them as Scouts."


CubScouts.org - A New Web Site for Cubs

A one-stop shop for all things "Cub," CubScouts.org hosts the Cub Scout Learning Library, a resource for adult leaders, volunteers, and parents. It is also the new home of the Cub Hub blog.

Bryan on Scouting highlights the site's features.


Tour and Activity Plan

"Effective May 10, 2012, the Tour and Activity Plan supersedes all prior tour plans and the local and national tour permits. The link will take you to an interactive FAQ page, where you can learn about tour and activity planning. However, we encourage you to use the online process via your My.Scouting.org account."

For a complete explanation of the Tour and Activity Plan visit the Tour and Activity Plan FAQ.


Guide to the Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR)
  • The AHMR is valid for 12 months from the date it is completed.
  • Parts A (Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization) and B (General Information/Health History) must be completed by all participants in any event.
  • "All participants" includes parents, guardians, siblings, youth, staff, and unit leaders.
  • Part C (Pre-Participation Physical) must be completed for events lasting more than a total of 72 hours, "even if split into multiple weekends."
  • Part C must be completed by "certified and licensed physicians (MD, DO), nurse practitioners, or physician assistants."
  • NOTE: If an individual exceeds the maximum weight for a given height as listed in the height/weight chart in Part C, and the "planned high-adventure activity will take [the individual] more than 30 minutes away from an emergency vehicle accessible roadway, [the individual] may not be allowed to participate."
  • The AHMR can be found here
  • The AHMR FAQ can be found here.


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