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Do you have a Scouting question?

Do you have a suggestion to make Scouting better?

Would you like some advice for dealing with an issue
not covered by your handbook or training?

E-Mail the Seneca District Committee.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you have an Eagle Advancement question?

E-Mail the Seneca District Eagle Advancement Chair.

Do you have a time-sensitive issue or need to speak
with a professional Scouter?

Contact the Seneca District Executive:

Rob Balash

Work:  330 773-0415 x227
Fax:  330 773-4084
e-Mail:  Robert.Balash@Scouting.org

Need to reach someone at the Council Service Center?

Look them up in the Great Trail Council Staff Directory.



Any e-mail a youth sends to the Seneca District Committee, the District Executive, or any other adult Scout leader MUST be copied (CC:) to a parent or guardian AND to an adult leader in the youth's unit.  The same holds true when an adult Scout leader sends an e-mail to a youth.

This policy is part of the BSA's Youth Protection program.  The wording of the policy is as follows:

"Two-Deep Leadership and No One-On-One Contact Between Adults and Youth Members Includes Digital Communication

"Leaders may not have one-on-one private online communications or engage one-on-one in other digital activities (games, social media, etc.) with youth members.  Leaders [and youths] should copy a parent [or guardian] and another leader in digital and online communication, ensuring no one-on-one contact exists in [e-mail,] text, social media, or other forms of online or digital communication."

This and other Youth Protection policies can be found under "Youth Protection and Adult Leadership" on Scouting.org.